Sunday, February 7, 2010

GOBBLE GOBBLE's Underwater Parallel Park and the 6 Nassau Poncho Pysch mix

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RatTail are Toronto-based moody popsters, avowed acolytes in the church of BFF demon bitch Doom Tickler, and recent signees to Unfamiliar Records (home of Japandroids and my pal Makeout Videotape). They play incredible, mopey, infectious indie rock that reminds me of the late-90s output of the Northwestern United States that I used to love so much when I was growing up. There is a lethargy to their music which is both inviting/relaxing, and oddly emotionally cathartic. Jasmyn Burke has remarkable pipes, curling into folksy vibrato at unexpected moments, and holding everything she articulates at a fascinated, inquisitive distance. "Go Green" in particular feels like a focused meditation of sorts, though I'm somewhat afraid to ask what about. Instead, I tried to lay down a little reverb garden so RatTail's meditation could have some privacy - a place of solitude and contemplation - where even white noise sounds more like the dull thrum of water running in another room than anything else. All non-percussive sounds are RatTail's original guitar tracks, destroyed a bit.

check out Gobble Gobble site for more info and more rad remixes

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